April 28, 2022

How to Crush your Sales like an Apollo.io Power User

Written by Karli Stone

From small business owners and SDRs to founders and enterprise execs, Apollo.io is proud to say that we have some of the most brilliant, forward-thinking, and advanced users in the world.

In recent interviews with our most successful Power Users (aka the users who use Apollo the most), we asked them: “What makes Apollo so valuable to you?”

And we’re confident that their answers will help you up your sales game…

In this blog post, we’ll share exclusive Power User insights with you and reveal how you too can use Apollo to efficiently and intelligently find buyers, connect with contacts, and move deals forward.

What Power Users love about Apollo

Everything about Apollo is pretty awesome, but there are things about us that users especially love:

1. You can rely on Apollo for clean and enriched data

75% of our most frequent, active users said that data accuracy is “extremely important” to them, ranking it above every other benefit of a sales engine.

So it’s really no mystery why they use Apollo….

Apollo’s database of 220M global contacts across 30M companies is constantly updated, chock full of verified email addresses, mobile numbers, industry data, and more!

When it comes to data accuracy and reliability, there’s none better.

2. Apollo offers affordable price points for everyone

The right price is important for our Power Users, which is why Apollo fits the bill for them…

“I picked Apollo for cost and [plan] options,” Power User Jordan Heil said, “Apollo is cheaper than competitors and I get more use out of it.”

Customers choose Apollo time and time again for our amazing price points. We offer high-quality data for the lowest cost per credit in the market, which allows you to reach ROI faster.

We offer plans for one-person startups, Fortune 500 enterprises, and everyone in between. Check out our pricing plans here!

3. Apollo gives you massive time savings

Our Power Users treat the idea of making full use of their time as essential for defining the success of Apollo.

When you sign up with Apollo, you get more done with less work. Sequences, Job Change alerts, Rules Engine, instant CRM Enrichment; these are all time-saving automation features that are one click away for our users.

And, like our Power User, Daniel Ryan, Sales at Dooly.ai said, “The more clicks you take away, the better!”

4. Apollo helps you find the perfect prospects

In nearly every role category surveyed, over 80% of power users mentioned how important Apollo is to their prospecting workflow.

Apollo’s powerful B2B database helps you find the right buyers effortlessly within Apollo and beyond.

We help you find the singular buyer that you want, but we also uncover every other buyer in your market that you didn’t know about or have the ability to access.

5. Apollo is an all-in-one solution

Our Power Users group spends a lot of time in Apollo (up to 50 hours weekly!).


Because Apollo truly is an end-to-end sales engine, supporting you from start to finish.

Apollo not only provides you with accurate buyer emails and verified mobile numbers for initial discovery, but helps you: build multi-channel outreach strategies with Sequences, fully prep for your meetings with the Google Calendar integration, embed Vidyard videos for more personalized engagement, reach out to red-hot prospects with Job Change alerts, analyze your performance data at the end of the sales cycle with Apollo Analytics…and that’s just to name a few…

It’s no wonder why our users never need to switch from tool to tool to move deals forward.

Apollo features you need to be using

If you want to have as much sales success as the Apollo Power Users you should integrate these advanced features into your workflow:

Perfect outbound prospecting with Email Sequencing

“Apollo marries sales databases with email sequencing better than any other tool I know of.” – Joseph Lam, CEO & Owner, Parents Are Human

“I sat down with my boss and we said ‘Look at this sequencing! I’ve never seen this before, it’s so much better than just pulling names…’ We discovered it together, the efficiency of this tool.” – Jordan Heil, Account Executive at Synapse

Building out a smart, personalized email sequence should be one of the first things you do on our platform.

Nearly 75% of Power Users said that email automation is a must-use Apollo feature.

Think of Apollo’s sequencing as a multi-channel approach for sales outreach. Add a series of actions you want to take with the ultimate goal to convert a lead. With Sequences, you can automate yet personally engage your target audience at scale. They help your team deliver communications to your customers and complete the right tasks at the right time to speed your prospects through your pipeline.

Here’s an example of what your sales sequence might look like:

Create and re-use email templates to be sent out at specific times in any stage of the sales funnel. You can choose to follow up with a phone call, a LinkedIn message, or any other action item.

With Apollo Sequences a world of limitless outbound prospecting opportunities await!

Uncover customer insights with the Apollo Chrome Extension

“Having the [Apollo] Extension makes LinkedIn itself more useful for me…the Extension has been a lifesaver” – Apollo Power User & Quality Assurance Analyst

The Apollo Chrome Extension unlocks Apollo functionality in many of the tools that you use every day, including LinkedIn, Gmail, and Google Calendar, as well any website across the internet.

Specifically, ​​when you’re scrolling through LinkedIn, the Chrome Extension allows you to find new prospects with Apollo verified data that includes direct mobile numbers and email addresses. You can add these contacts to lists and sequences that you’ve already built-in Apollo, make notes, see recent activity, and stay on top of job changes with alerts.

Now that, friends, is some cross-tool functionality! Prospecting on LinkedIn has never been so efficient.

Install the Apollo Chrome Extension to try it yourself.

Connect your tools with advanced integrations

“What I like most about Apollo is the HubSpot integration. [It gives] the ability to see if we’ve worked leads. With it, I’ve 2x my lead generation!” – Apollo Power User & startup Sales Leader

“My favorite feature is the API integration between [my CRM] and Apollo…I really like how the different platforms that you go on day-to-day, there’s a way to bring Apollo into that process” – Apollo Power User & Data Account Executive

If you’re like most businesses, you have a customer relationship management system (CRM), which means you need to be choosing tools that can seamlessly integrate with your current system.

In Apollo, you can integrate CRMs like Salesforce and Hubspot to unify and utilize all of the customer intelligence that you already have while maintaining a workflow that you’re already comfortable in. Unlike other solutions in the market, we offer a bilateral CRM sync which allows you to both pull and push data between Apollo and Salesforce and Hubspot.

You can also automatically log all new customer and company information that you obtain—and the leads you generate in Apollo—directly to your CRM, so Apollo can handle all of the syncing and data entry for you.

And Apollo integrates with more than your CRM!

Apollo intelligence can follow you to your Gmail and Google Calendar, Zapier, Outreach, and Salesloft accounts. Vidyard also integrates with Apollo so you can personalize your Apollo outbound messages with video.

To say Apollo is a versatile tool is an understatement…

For more information, check out the Integrations tab on the Knowledge Base.


*Humblebrag* Our user base loves us!

Apollo has seen thousands of companies have enormous success with our platform, and many of those Power Users are from organizations just like yours!

You can start using their sales insights today and become an Apollo super user yourself by signing up for Apollo today for free!

Karli Stone Karli Stone

Karli Stone is a copy writer and content creator living in Los Angeles, CA and a proud University of Washington grad. When she’s not wordsmith-ing, you can find her biking along Santa Monica Beach, following the Seattle Seahawks, or catching a flick at her local cinema.